Thursday, June 16, 2011

Anthony Weienr Reportedly to Resign Today

According to reports, Anthony Weiner is going to announce his resignation today.

Randy Rep. Anthony Weiner has finally decided to step down from his congressional seat, sources told The Post.

He has informed House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and other key party leaders of his decision, the sources said.

Weiner called Pelosi and Rep. Steve Israel, who heads the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, at the White House picnic last night and told them of his decision, a Democratic Party leadership aide said.

One ranking House Democrat said, "All the choreography is there. Now all he has to do is get in front of the camera."

Weiner is expected to issue a statement before noon today, the Democratic aide said.

"I believe it's a done deal. He has talked to his governor," a second key House Democrat said.

"It's sad," this person said. "He knows his behavior is reprehensible and he needs to make a human comeback. This is heartbreaking."

Weiner's decision came after his wife Huma Abedin returned early yesterday to discuss the widening scandal with him. He had been said to be waiting for her to return home from an overseas trip with her boss, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, before making a decision.

Indeed, without his wife's counsel, Weiner may not have decided to leave.

Two sources who have spoken directly with Weiner said he was set to stick it out even though he knew House Democrats were set to strip him of his committee assignments and bar him from taking part in the caucus.

Weiner felt that his behavior was not criminal and shouldn't end his career.

But Abedin apparently helped him reach the decision to resign.

"This is the most stubborn guy in Congress," said one of the people who spoke with Weiner.

Pressure had been steadily building on Weiner to step down since he disclosed that he had indeed had online relationships with six women over three years. Among other things, Weiner sent photos of his penis to some of these women.

I love how pressure has been mounting for Weiner to quit, yet Charles Rangel, Joe Baca and Barney Frank are allowed to keep their offices. Lets face it, Rangel and Baca actually stole money, and in the case of all three, abused their power and position. I am not saying that Weiner should or should not resign, but why the pressure on him to go, when others have done far worse. Its interesting who Nancy Pelosi chooses to "drain the swamp" of, and who she chooses to keep.

As for Weiner, his future is bleak. He has not had any other career other than politics his adult life. He has no law degree or other professional license to fall back on. I am not sure what golden parachute he will have and how soft his landing will be.

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