Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Reactions From Ground Zero

The streets around Ground Zero were once again packed with media outlets covering the ongoing reaction to the death of bin Laden. They were stacked up along Church Avenue in front of the post office, and commuters and gawkers were a mass of humanity crawling along Vesey Street, which is the major pedestrian access point along the north side of Ground Zero between PATH and Lower Manhattan.

The spontaneous reemergence of memorials and notes tagged to the fencing along the perimeter of Ground Zero is a mix of thank yous, flowers, flags, and other ephemera relating to bin Laden's death.

And the number of media outlets is sure to increase by several times with President Obama coming to Ground Zero on Thursday. No time has been set by the White House for his arrival in New York, but it's sure to be met with a crush of media and onlookers. He's expected to meet with family groups and responders privately.

As with the scene yesterday, the crowds are mostly reserved and contemplative - occasionally someone will walk through in jubilation, but with the area the site where so many were murdered, it's hard to be jubilant over bin Laden's death when it cannot bring back all those who were killed. It's a mixed emotion. There's satisfaction in knowing that the US could manage to identify the courier, track his whereabouts since 2007, and then carry out the mission with precision to a just conclusion.

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