Friday, May 13, 2011

Predicting the World's End

Some intrepid religious folks have declared that the world's going to end May 21, 2011, and that we should be prepared for that outcome.
If you’ve seen a "Save the Date" message for May 21, then you probably already know that this is the day Jesus Christ is scheduled to return, according to a group that follows Harold Camping’s prophecy.
As the impending day approaches, the group has been spreading its message of God’s return, referred to as the “rapture” through billboards, bus benches, bumper stickers, online and over the radio all over the world, telling people to get saved and prepare themselves for the second coming.
The end is near?
Camping, 89, has told multiple media outlets that he came up with this specific date by using math based on biblical scripture.
However, this isn’t the first time he’s made the same prophecy of the messiah returning. He predicted that 1994 would mark the end of days, yet 17 years later, Christians and non-Christians alike are still occupying the Earth.
You stand by that promise?

How about this: I believe you. The world's going to end May 21, 2011, and to that end, I promise to take all your belongings as you transfer them to me in a duly binding contract. Do you honestly believe the world will end to the point that you'll provide me with all your assets and worldly riches? After all, it's not like you're going to need them past May 21. And if I have them and the world ends, it's not like I'm going to need them either.

But if the world doesn't end, I end up all the richer for it.

Of course, Camping and others have been predicting the world's end so many times before that we've simply lost count of how many times the world's going to end, Christ or the Messiah or the Antichrist is returning (or has already arrived/Risen).

Still, it would be nice if these folks peddling these predictions would put their money where their collective mouths are and give away their worldly riches when they surely aren't going to be needing them.

Oh, and if the world is truly ending and there is a hell, I'll see you there.

Then again, if they're wrong, the Mayans still have their chances in 2012 (if you believe that particularly dubious theory).

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