Monday, May 09, 2011

Investigators Acknowledge At Least Two Killers Dumped Victims On Long Island Beach

After identifying the remains of a 5th victim whose remains were discovered along Ocean Parkway near Jones Beach, investigators can acknowledge that they are now looking for at least two killers, one of whom is a serial killer.
The head and hands of 20-year-old Jessica Taylor were among 10 sets of remains found in recent months along a Long Island highway, Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota said at a news conference. Her headless, handless body was found in July 2003 in Manorville near the eastern end of Long Island.

The information Spota disclosed Monday only served to deepen the puzzle about the remains found in the underbrush along Long Island's Ocean Parkway since December.

Authorities still have not identified a suspect connected to any of the remains, but earlier they theorized that investigators could be on the trail of a serial killer.

Eight sets of remains were found in Suffolk County. Two sets were found in neighboring Nassau County.

Spota said at least two suspects killed the eight people whose remains have been found in his jurisdiction, judging from the methods and circumstances of the crimes.

"It is clear that the area in and around Gilgo Beach has been used to discard human remains for some period of time," Spota said. "As distasteful and disturbing as that is, there is no evidence that all of these remains are the work of a single killer."
That's something I was saying from the outset, given the way that the second set of remains discovered didn't match the descriptions from the first set of remains. It's quite possible that law enforcement is dealing with the burial grounds from at least two serial killers, if not more. Considering that this area was rather easily accessible but still secluded to allow a killer to dispose of their victims, it's not all that surprising that law enforcement has come upon several victims from different time periods.

You can also bet that the cold case squads from law enforcement agencies around the region are looking anew at various unsolved cases involving disappearances and potential murders of prostitutes and call girls.

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