Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Details Emerging on Port Newark Stowaway Case

The New York Post is providing additional details about the discovery of a stowaway, Asem Haroon, living in Port Newark for the past two weeks who may have ties to the Iraqi insurgency. Apparently, he was recently detained in Colombia, but the circumstances aren't clear.
Evidence suggests he "came here in January in a container or the bow of [an Italian] ship," King said of the bust, first revealed in The Post. "What I find concerning is . . . that he was in a secure portion of the port, left that facility and then got out of the secure part of the facility and went to a building outside of the secure area."

There's also evidence he'd "been detained in Colombia fairly recently," King said, although it's unclear why. The United States has fought against Colombian drug thugs for years.

So far, there isn't much clear about Asem Haroon's story except that he was found in living in a supposedly secured facility - Port Newark - by Port Authority police. Rep. Peter King is demanding a top to bottom review of security, and it also worth noting that funds for securing American ports is wholly insufficient for the task of guarding against stowaways or uncovering smuggled contraband, including arms and materials for terrorists to use in attacks.

Haroon's arrest comes following revelations about intel gathered in the Osama bin Laden raid that suggested that al Qaeda was interested in carrying out mass casualty attacks by blowing up oil tankers, refineries, and Port Newark is situated close to both.

Haroon is in ICE custody.

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