Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Details Emerging About Long Island Serial Killer(s) Case

There have now been 10 sets of remains or partial remains that have been recovered from a stretch of beach along the South Shore of Long Island. While many reports seem to indicate that this is the work of a single serial killer, which is bad enough, the fact that some of the remains were deposited there in a different manner suggests that there may be two or more people involved.

Partial skeletons were recovered yesterday and medical examiners were working to determine whether the remains were human.

Four bodies were discovered in December, and were believed to be prostitutes working through Craigslist. A renewed search last month turned up four more bodies, and two sets of remains were found yesterday.

Investigators have made the following information known about the remains discovered thus far:
Of the eight in Suffolk, sources with knowledge of the case say:

-- One victim was a child, perhaps no older than 5, discovered near the remains of an adult. The child was found wrapped in a blanket.

-- Another discovery consisted of a human head in a plastic bag.

-- A third set of remains showed signs of dismemberment.

-- One source also said that all of the four female victims found in December were strangled. One had an "item" around her neck.

The discoveries yesterday in Nassau yielded further clues, sources with knowledge of the case say:

-- A preliminary analysis of the skull and vertebra suggests it is of a woman. The four Gilgo Beach victims were all women who worked as prostitutes.

-- The other set of human bones was found stuffed in a black plastic bag. At least one of the recently found Suffolk remains was in a black plastic bag.

Investigators could not rule out the possibility that those bones belonged to one of the Suffolk victims.

"We had eight sets out in Suffolk County already. We have two more now. It’s all been very startling," said Det. Lt. Kevin Smith of Nassau police.

As the search for clues to the Gilgo Beach serial killer expanded into Nassau yesterday morning, a state trooper walking along the edge of an excavation site found bones believed to be human legs in a plastic bag.
Other reports indicated that several of the bodies were wrapped in fabric, while several others were dumped in plastic bags. Several of the remains may have been dismembered.

Typically serial killers stick to a particular method, which is why I think that more than one person may be involved here. Another possibility is that this is the work of a single person, but who is trying to cover up his tracks by using different techniques to throw law enforcement off his trail.

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