Saturday, March 05, 2011

Fighting Continues Throughout Libya As Khadafi Continues Attempts To Quell Insurrection

Rebel groups and Khadafi loyalists continue battling each other throughout the country and both sides dispute claims of gains made by the other side. Zawiya is the focus of both Khadafi's thugs and rebel groups that have held the down despite multiple attempts by Khadafi to retake the town because of its proximity to Tripoli.

Khadafi's thugs are accused of massacring Libyans in towns held by rebel groups:
Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s militia stormed the rebels controlling the town of Zawiyah on Saturday morning in what two residents described as a “massacre.”

An anti-Qaddafi protester clashed with Libyan security forces after Friday Prayer in the Tajura suburb of Tripoli. Government security officers showered hundreds of protesters there with tear gas. More Photos »

“I am watching neighbors dying unarmed in front of their homes,” one resident said in a telephone interview, with the sounds of heavy weapons and machine-gun fire in the background. The resident said the militias were using tanks and heavy artillery, attacking from both the east and west gates of the town. “I don’t know how many are being killed, but I know my neighborhood is being killed,” the resident said.

In a telephone interview a little more than three hours after the attack began, another resident said: “Everything is burning. We don’t know from which side they are shooting us — from the buildings or from the streets. People are falling everywhere.”
Meanwhile, Khadafi's thugs continue detaining the crew of the Dutch military helicopter that was attempting to rescue Europeans from the ongoing violence and mayhem. They were parading on Libyan television:

Evacuating foreigners from the country remains a priority, but so too is the ongoing and growing refugee crisis.

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