Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nebraska GOPer Submits Expansive Justified Homicide Bill Targeting Abortion Providers

Just days after South Dakota Republicans shelved a bid to target abortion providers by inserting a justified homicide provision into a bill, Nebraska Republicans have turned it up a notch by submitting a bill that would allow third parties to use a justified homicide defense should they engage in the murder of abortion providers.

The text of this bill would put abortion providers at an increased risk of being killed by anti-abortion thugs who have been trying for years to use a justified homicide tact in defending their attacks on those providers.

The bill defines unborn child as being a protected under the justified homicide statute under any stage of development, whether it is in embryo stage or as a fetus, and allows anyone to use the justified homicide defense to defend the life of the unborn child.

It would tangentially affect the use of embryos for stem cell research as well

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