Monday, February 07, 2011

Al Sharpton's Tax Woes Continue

Al Sharpton has repeatedly been in trouble with the IRS and various state and local tax authorities because of an inability to pay his taxes. Today, we learn that he's been hit with another tax lien of just under $360,000. That's on top of the $3.7 million he has owed since 2002.
Sharpton owes $359,973 to the IRS for 2009 personal income tax, according to documents on file with the city.

Public records show he owes a total of $3.7 million in city, state and federal taxes, including penalties, dating to 2002. But Sharpton’s spokeswoman, Rachel Noerdlinger, said that he had paid back “well over seven figures” as part of agreements with the state and IRS and that the liens remained on the books as “a matter of bureaucracy.”
The claims that this is a matter of bureaucracy don't cut it. Sharpton has to know that he's going to be audited and investigated thoroughly because of his prior tax troubles and he needs to be having his tax preparation done better and more effectively than in past years. To get hit with another $360,000 in tax liens for 2009 tells me that he simply hasn't changed his accounting strategies and that he'll continue to be hit with tax troubles until he cleans up his act.

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