Friday, January 28, 2011

Police Give All Clear After Investigating Suspicious Package Near Super Bowl Site

Police have given an all clear after investigating a suspicious package thrown into a sewer near Texas Stadium, home to the upcoming Super Bowl:
Security personnel observed someone who got out of a vehicle and appeared to place something into the drain in the median of Randol Mill Road on north perimeter of the Cowboys Stadium property, adjacent to a Walmart store, around 8 a.m.

Arlington Fire Department Assistant Chief Jim Self said what happened next was "fairly routine."

Bomb disposal and hazardous materials units were dispatched to the scene to inspect the area while the perimeter was sealed off.

A manhole cover was removed and remote inspection cameras were deployed to search the storm drain for any suspicious contents.

"There is no threat; there is no device," Self said. "Other than routine trash, that's it."

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