Friday, January 21, 2011

French Foreign Minister Mobbed Entering Gaza After Meeting With Shalit Family

(you'll have to scroll through videos to locate the appropriate one b/c of a kludgy video interface)

Crowds of Palestinians mobbed the French Foreign Minister Michelle Alliot-Marie as she was entering Gaza following a meeting with Gilad Shalit's father in Israel. They threw shoes and eggs at Alliot-Marie, believing that she called Gilad Shalit's kidnapping a war crime and that she'd press the EU to do the same. Gilad's father had requested that Shalit's kidnapping be characterized as a war crime, but the media reports attributed them to Alliot-Marie.

Gilad Shalit remains in the clutches of the terrorist group Hamas and there's no sign that he will be released anytime soon. He was captured when Hamas infiltrated into Israel and took Shalit while killing several of Shalit's fellow soldiers. It was an act of war and Hamas continues to refuse to grant humanitarian groups like the ICRC access to Shalit.

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