Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Body Identified In Long Island Serial Killer Case

The medical examiners have identified one of four bodies recovered from a Long Island beach and are in the process of identifying the other three bodies, but are no closer to figuring out who murdered them and proceeded to dump the bodies near Gilgo Beach:
A Maine prostitute missing since June has been identified as one of four bodies found on an isolated Long Island beach late last year, authorities said Wednesday.

The Suffolk County medical examiner identified Megan Waterman's body through a DNA match, police said.

Investigators say Waterman was the victim of foul play, but would not disclose the exact cause of death.

The three other bodies remain unidentified - for now, police said.

"We're very close to identifying the other three bodies," Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer said.

Waterman's family was notified of the match early Wednesday, said her mother Lorraine Ela, of Portland, Maine.
Investigators continue looking at whether this case is related to a similar incident in Atlantic City.

The case originally began as a search for another missing woman:
It was the hunt for a missing Craigslist prostitute, Shannon Gilbert, which led cops to the bodies in the first place. Gilbert had vanished in Oak Beach, miles from the discovery, around the same time as Waterman. But when dental records disqualified Gilbert as a match, investigators said they did not believe Waterman would turn out to be one of the victims. For that reason, family members say, they were stunned to hear the news this morning. Two Suffolk County homicide detectives made the trip to Maine to notify them in person.

If you have any information leading to the arrest of the person(s) responsible, please call the Scarborough Police Department at 207-883-6361, or their anonymous tip line at 207-730-4200, ext 3093, or the Suffolk County Police Department at 631-854-8400.

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