Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Sons of Confederacy Upset History Channel Wont Accept Their Ads

The History Channel used to provide accurate history without such nonsense as UFO stories and revisionist tales and psychobabble. Now, tales of psychics, end times, paranormal activities, and other such blatherings are regular fare. So, with that in mind the Sons of the Confederacy hoped to get an advertisement to run in conjunction with the 150th anniversary about how the start of the Civil War was not about slavery, but about Northern aggression and violated states' rights.

The History Channel refused to run the spot, and the Sons of the Confederacy complained. Indeed, the Sons of the Confederacy tried to claim that because the channel regularly promotes and runs stories about the paranormal and revisionist history programs that they were entitled to have their spot run. They claim that the channel is being politically correct. The channel replies:
We have informed them that the ad is outside the scope of our guidelines and may not be aired during any of our programming. AETN’s advertising guidelines, which are similar to those of other broadcast and cable networks, do not permit such an ad as explained above. Indeed, AETN is not aware of any other network who has accepted or aired the ad.To our knowledge, it is not currently running on any of our networks, including History.
Slavery was a big reason why the war ensued - the Southern states sought to retain one of their few economic drivers - the source of labor that worked the fields and engaged in the heavy labor associated with farming. Moreover, claiming that Confederates fought to defend that right when Union forces “invaded” to prevent secession ignores the fact that it was the South that fired the first shots against the Union at Fort Sumter. Indeed, troops from The Citadel fired shots on Union ships attempting to resupply the Fort prior to the actual first battle of the Civil War.

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