Tuesday, December 28, 2010

PATH To Hell

So much for PATH running properly. It is a mess with service to the WTC running through Grove Street. Directions are hard to come by.
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I expect issues with NJ Transit, because they were operating on a modified MLK holiday schedule. That train did what it was supposed to and we were able to get to Hoboken without too much trouble.

That's when the real problems began. For whatever reason, PATH was a horror show. There was no direct service between Hoboken and WTC, even though that entire route is underground. Instead, we had to transfer at Grove Street.

Big mistake.

The platform at Grove Street was a mess, and had we known that the situation was as bad as that, I would have instead traveled to 33rd Street and taken my chances with the MTA rather than being stuck in PATH hell. Three separate WTC bound trains came and went before there was room to get on a train to WTC. That was more than an hour's wait. Oh, and that train I finally got on? It was empty.

Someone at PATH did a lousy job of handling the crush of traffic from Hoboken, and instead of directing passengers to 33rd Street, they were instead pushing traffic to an overburdened station that was ill equipped to handle the traffic.

Moreover, Port Authority cops told a few people to stop taking photos of the ongoing mess at Grove Street, although quite a few people had not only snapped photos, but had sent them along to various news outlets.

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