Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Loquacious Leaker Wants Leaks Licked; Assange Calls For Investigation Into

Julian Assange is a hypocrite among his other notable traits. His legal team is now trying to get prosecutors to launch an investigation and bring charges against the individual or individuals who has released salacious details relating to the rape allegations brought against him in Sweden.
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is irked by government leaks . . . about Julian Assange.

British papers over the weekend printed bits of a police report accusing Assange of committing a variety of sex crimes during a 10-day trip to Sweden this past summer.

Now his lawyer wants the leaker unmasked -- plus a criminal investigation of the leak itself.

Imagine that.

Live by the leak, die by the leak -- isn't that fair, Julian?
Assange doesn't have a problem with obtaining and transmitting hundreds of thousands of classified documents about US foreign policy that can affect US national security, foreign policy, diplomacy, and international relations, but the moment someone releases salacious information about Assange's dirty little secrets and the ongoing investigation into the alleged rapes in Sweden, he gets righteous about confidentiality and the law.

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