Monday, November 22, 2010

Restaurant Review: Half Moon Restaurant and Saloon of Kennett Square

The Half Moon Restaurant and Saloon is located in Kennett Square, PA, which is located south of Philadelphia and near the Delaware border (not too far from Longwood Gardens, PA). It would be all too easy to overlook except that its menu got the attention of the Travel Channel and foodies from around the East Coast.

Its menu features meats that one would not ordinarily find elsewhere and specializes in wild game presentations. Pretty much any wild game will be turned into burgers, which are a good introduction into adventurous eating. When we visited this past weekend, I tried the signature wild game burger was made from antelope, and the tasting plate that consisted of kangaroo, pheasant, and ostrich.

Mrs. Lawhawk had the buffaloaf, which was extremely light and not nearly as dense as one typically finds. Everything was seasoned, but not so much that it overwhelmed the taste of the meat.

Wild game is generally far more healthy to consume than beef and we'll ordinarily seek out bison (buffalo) whenever we get the chance. The key is to avoid overcooking; because bison and other wild game contains less fat, if you cook past medium (or even medium rare), the meat becomes too rubbery to consume and enjoy. The ostrich and kangaroo were both prepared to rare, while the pheasant was cooked to a medium as was the antelope.

To accompany the meal, the restaurant had a wide selection of Belgian and local brews and an extensive wine menu.

Prices are moderate to expensive. Burgers can range from $10-$16, but toppings are extra. Entrees can range from $15 on up and can top $30.

My one criticism was the overly loud room, which could be mitigated with some artwork or other items hanging on the wall to absorb the sound. It was just a bit too loud as the long layout of the restaurant funneled the sound to the back. This is a minor quibble considering the quality of the food and presentation.

All in all, there's a reason that this restaurant got the attention of foodies.

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