Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Question That May Have Tilted the Connecticut US Senate Seat Race

Dick Blumenthal, the Democratic party candidate for the US Senate in Connecticut may have lost his bid to win in November because of his disastrous response his GOP opponent Linda McMahon's pretty simple question asked during this past week's debate.

He was asked how jobs are created.

That's the full exchange.

It is a perfect caption for his opponent, Linda McMahon to use in advertising. And she's running with it.

She's got a radio spot. And she's got a tv ad that is now running in the tri-state region.

It's simple. It's direct. And it hits one of the most basic issues facing Connecticut. How to create jobs and spur a moribund economy. Blumenthal simply flails at the issue.

Blumenthal is currently leading in the polls by a relatively comfortable margin, but they appear to have been taken just prior to the debate. He has a couple of weeks to recover, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a significant bounce for McMahon in upcoming polls that translates into a nailbiter on election night for Democrats in Connecticut.

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