Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Paladino Now Counted Among Those Who Exaggerated Military Service

What is it with politicians and political candidates who think that they can get away with exaggerating their military service? Do they think that they aren't going to get caught and then have to explain the discrepancies?

Well, this time it's Carl Paladino's turn to explain why his campaign exaggerated his military service.
"Given their hostility to facts, Mr. Paladino and his puppeteer [campaign manager Michael] Caputo appear to be engaged in a race to see whose nose can grow longer," said Cuomo spokesman Josh Vlasto.

Vlasto was responding to The Post's story yesterday that claims by Paladino's campaign that he commanded 250 men at Fort Bliss, Texas, during six months of active Army service in 1971 were false.

Caputo admitted the contentions were wrong after The Post obtained military records showing Paladino was on active duty for a total of only three months, and was at Fort Bliss for training as a newly commissioned officer in the late summer of 1971, although he did later command a unit based in Buffalo.

The GOP gubernatorial hopeful's allies responded by accusing Democrat Cuomo of trying to besmirch Paladino's entire military record.
No, Cuomo isn't besmirching Paladino's entire military service. He's calling out Paladino and his campaign for lying about the type of service and what he actually did. Paladino claimed that he commanded 250 troops at Fort Bliss over a period of six months. The facts are that he didn't command those 250 troops at Fort Bliss and that his service at Fort Bliss was for only three months. Paladino later commanded a number of troops when stationed in Buffalo.

If Paladino lies about something like this, what else will he lie about?

And Paladino isn't alone.

Earlier this year, Democratic candidate for US Senate from Connecticut Dick Blumenthal lied about his military service as well. He claimed to have served in Vietnam, but he never went overseas.

These guys are disgraces to the uniform they wore and to the men and women currently serving with distinction.

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