Thursday, September 16, 2010

New York Trio of D'Amato, Koch and McCall Calls Paladino Out For His Racism

Here's the open letter written and signed by none other than former US Senator Al D'Amato (R), former NYC Mayor Ed Koch (D), and former state comptroller and gubernatorial candidate H Carl McCall, attesting to Carl Paladino's inadequacy and competency to be governor of New York:


The three make several very important points. Paladino has engaged in divisive behavior, including distributing racist and bigoted emails, which are an affront to a significant portion of the state's population.

Paladino claims to be an outsider, and yet has spent tons of his money to lobby for state business and has profited from those lobbying efforts to the tune of millions of dollars. Far from being an outsider, he's used and abused the very system he complains about.

His response to the letter is to brand D'Amato, Koch, and McCall as little more than lackeys to Cuomo.

The way I see it, those three wouldn't have joined together unless they saw the state in such perilous shape and that it needed someone who would take the situation seriously without adding to an already rancorous and toxic environment in Albany. Paladino clearly needs to cast the three as lackeys to Cuomo, but that just doesn't wash - particularly with D'Amato.

Gothamist has a list of Paladino's latest utterances and classic rants, but they missed the one where Paladino called Speaker Silver Hitler.

Note too that Paladino claims to oppose abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. That's a position that runs counter to most New Yorkers, who prefer a right to abortion, including in such instances. Andrew Cuomo's father, Mario, had long opposed abortion on religious grounds, until shifting his views to accepting a woman's right to choose.

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