Thursday, September 30, 2010

Carl Paladino Threatens Political Reporter Fred Dicker

Carl Paladino, the GOP/Tea Party candidate for governor, threatened Fred Dicker in an altercation last night. Dicker is a political reporter who frequents the NY Post and other local television and radio stations around the state, is most recently known for the reporter to break the story of David Paterson taking free Yankee tickets.

Paladino accuses Dicker of working for Democrat candidate Andy Cuomo, calling him his "bird dog" and then said, "I'll take you out, buddy."

"You're going to take me out?" Dicker replied. How you going to do that?'

Paladino's response: "Watch!"

Paladino is a loose cannon and getting into altercations of any sort with reporters isn't going to help his campaign. Dicker typically goes after any and all politicians in Albany - he's an equal opportunity reporter in that regard and is more than willing to dig up dirt and report on issues regardless of whether the politician is Democrat or Republican.

Paladino is busy trying to throw dirt Cuomo's way with claims that Cuomo has an affair (corrected from illegitimate child: ed) even as Paladino has to admit that he sired a child with another woman while still married. He's making unsubstantiated adultery charges against Cuomo, which does nothing to boost his credibility either.

Dicker is doing what Dicker usually does - which is go for story, and in the process, has become part of the story himself (something that reporters shouldn't be doing).

The altercation with Dicker was no chance incident.
Paladino spokesman Michael Caputo said afterward that a Post photographer recently put the lens of a camera against the bedroom window of Paladino's 10-year-old daughter, whom Paladino fathered with a woman who is not his wife. Caputo said the daughter was practicing for a school dance and she has had bouts of crying afterward.

Since then, Paladino has been more than explicit about his desire to keep his daughter "off limits." So when Paladino and Dicker went nose to nose at the Sagamore on Wednesday, it was by no means a chance encounter.
He was probably trying to make a point with Dicker - and the Post.

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