Friday, August 13, 2010

Turkish Military Using Chemical Weapons On Kurds?

The German paper Der Spiegel is reporting that the Turkish military used chemical weapons against the Kurdish group PKK in an incident dating back to September 2009.
German experts have confirmed the authenticity of photographs that purport to show PKK fighters killed by chemical weapons. The evidence puts increasing pressure on the Turkish government, which has long been suspected of using such weapons against Kurdish rebels. German politicians are demanding an investigation.

It would be difficult to exceed the horror shown in the photos, which feature burned, maimed and scorched body parts. The victims are scarcely even recognizable as human beings. Turkish-Kurdish human rights activists believe the people in the photos are eight members of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) underground movement, who are thought to have been killed in September 2009.

In March, the activists gave the photos to a German human rights delegation comprised of Turkey experts, journalists and politicians from the far-left Left Party, as SPIEGEL reported at the end of July. Now Hans Baumann, a German expert on photo forgeries has confirmed the authenticity of the photos, and a forensics report released by the Hamburg University Hospital has backed the initial suspicion, saying that it is highly probable that the eight Kurds died "due to the use of chemical substances."

Did the Turkish army in fact use chemical weapons and, by doing so, violate the Chemical Weapons Convention it had ratified?
The Turkish military refuses to comment on the issue, although Turkish human rights groups have been demanding answers. This is the same Turkish government that demands that the world hold Israel accountable for Israel's sovereign right to defend itself against terrorists and those who support terrorists by attempting to run through Israel's blockade of Gaza.

This is the same Turkish government that doesn't think that human rights laws apply to themselves. It's a continuing saga of doublespeak and double talk.

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