Monday, August 09, 2010

Monumental Mistakes at the Garden

Isiah Thomas must know where James Dolan has buried dead bodies or has video showing team executives in compromising positions, because there is absolutely no reason in the world that anyone with the Knicks should want to have anything to do with one of the worst team executives and coaches in the team's history.

In fact, no one who has a functioning neuron should want Thomas to have anything to do with coaching because of his gross irresponsibility and culpability for creating a hostile work environment and engaging in sexual harassment with female executives with the Knick organization.

Yet, what does Dolan do over the weekend? He names Thomas a consultant and claims that Thomas was instrumental in landing the Knicks' sole major player in the offseason.
Thomas, fired by the Knicks in 2008 after embarrassments on and off the court, was cited during last month's Amar'e Stoudemire press conference for helping in the recruitment of the free-agent forward. Thomas also was dispatched on the eve of LeBron James' decision to meet with one of the members of his entourage whom he knew.

“I’m excited to once again be a part of the New York Knicks organization. I was honored to have been asked to help during the recent free-agent recruiting process, and believe that this new role takes full advantage of my skill set as an evaluator of basketball talent," Thomas said in a statement released by the team.

"While I will of course continue in my role as FIU’s coach, I look forward to working with Donnie (Walsh), Coach (Mike) D’Antoni and all of the Knicks staff to help bring a championship back to New York.”

The team's statement says Thomas "will assist the team’s senior management in various capacities, including player recruitment."

However, The Associated Press reports the hire could violate NBA rules that forbid college coaches from having jobs with its teams, which aren’t allowed to have contact with players who aren’t yet eligible for the draft.

“We are reviewing the agreement, in consultation with the Knicks, for compliance with league rules,” NBA spokesman Tim Frank said.

Since he left the organization as a consultant to team president Walsh to head the FIU program two years ago, Thomas has remained close with owner James Dolan and kept a house in Westchester. Thomas' involvement with recruiting Stoudemire led to speculation he could return to the Knicks as GM, a job which is vacant.
Thomas was a Hall of Fame player, but has been absolutely atrocious as a team executive and coach. He's destroyed more teams than helped, and yet the Knick owner thinks that the time's right to bring Thomas back?

What is current team executives Donnie Walsh supposed to think about this? Walsh is picking up the pieces left behind by Thomas' ignominious departure after losing season after losing season and the team and Thomas were forced to cough up $11.5 million in a sexual harassment suit.

Knick fans have every right to be pissed off about this and it once again shows just how poorly run the organization is - starting at the top.

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