Thursday, August 05, 2010

Iranian Holocaust Denial/Anti Semitism Watch

Iran is notorious for promoting revisionist history on the Holocaust by denying its existence, and its leadership frequently pushes a rabid anti Semitic agenda.

Today is no different, and we've got a two-fer.
An Iranian website calling the Holocaust "the great lie" and depicting an alternative version of events in Jewish history in cartoon form has been launched.

The site is reportedly financed by a cultural foundation, is not government affiliated, and is based mainly on a book of cartoons first published in 2008.

The site's creators say that they intend to show the world that the Holocaust has been entirely fabricated by the Jews, who not only invented it but have used it to their advantage ever since.

The book's preface begins by saying that the its purpose is "to denounce the conspicuous lie of the planned murder of 6 million Jews during the Second World War allegedly called 'Holocaust.'"

It continues, calling the Holocaust: "The lie by which the Palestine occupier Zionists have justified their occupying of Palestine and lots of their crimes for years."
Why does Iran (and other Arab countries for that matter) promote this?

Simple. It's meant to undermine one of the rationales for Israel's very existence. Israel was founded in the aftermath of the Nazi Holocaust as a refuge from anti Semitism rampant throughout the world and took on the worst form with the Nazi genocide of more than 6 million Jews throughout Europe.

It's also why Arabs and the Palestinians continually expropriate the language of the Nazi Holocaust and claim that Israel is doing unto them what the Nazis did to Israel. They think that they can gain international sympathy and undermine Israel's sovereignty and right to exist.

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