Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Welcome to the Baked Apple

After cooking at 103 yesterday in Central Park and triple digits throughout the area, the NYC metro area is only supposed to simmer at around 98 (though it will again hit 100 in many parts of the area). Some weather people here were saying that an onshore flow and some clouds will keep temps down a little, but that only means that the humidity will be pumped up to unconscionable levels. If anything, the higher humidity will make it feel even worse outside than yesterday.

Demand for power is hovering near all time record demand. Power lines are sagging with some scattered outages, but no widespread blackouts to report. Con Ed and PSE&G are calling on customers to reduce their demand. Amtrak and NJ Transit are dealing with power and rail issues as the temps are causing problems with both the overhead lines sagging and the rails expanding and coming out of alignment (causing a possible derailment hazard) primarily on the NJ Coast Line, Morris and Essex, and the Northeast Corridor. That means fewer trains running and those that are are doing so slower. The MTA has had to deal with reduced power in some parts of the subway system so signals and elevators/escalators are off inconveniencing commuters.

More importantly, people must check on the elderly, infirm, and children. One person died yesterday from the sweltering heat. Cooling centers and pools are open all over the area, and it's a good idea to limit outside exposure.

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