Sunday, July 11, 2010

Selective Temp-erament

It is a most curious thing why the Drudge Report is highlighting that several localities in the US have seen record low temperatures so far in July.

If you click on the screen cap at right, you'd see:
Record low temps in LA...

Australia: Coldest day in 100 years...

UN Climate Panel Urges Scientists to 'keep a distance from media'...
The New York metro area just got done with one of the hottest streaks in recent history, matching or breaking record temps. In fact, Central Park saw back-to-back 100 degree days.

So, why cling to cold temperatures in Australia, which is currently in the middle of its winter (Southern hemisphere and all that). And for every record low, record high temperatures can be found to offset them.

The clear intention here is to question climate change and on this the science is well settled. Climate is changing. The question is the degree and speed with which it is changing and the role that mankind has in this change.

There are steps that we can take to reduce our effect on the environment to reduce output of emissions that pollute - including going nuclear, but the politics and NIMBY continue to block serious study and a concerted effort to reduce reliance on petroleum products.

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