Friday, July 09, 2010

The Obligatory LeBron James Wrapup

LeBron James, the NBA player who commanded pretty much all the attention in the NBA off-season, will be going to the Miami Heat, rather than New York, Chicago, or the Newark (NJ) Nets.

Whatever shall we do? Well, if you're in Cleveland, you're probably wondering what you did to deserve this fate.

After all, Cleveland used to rock:

James didn't think it rocked, so he rolled on down to South Beach to join up with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. Wade's won a championship with the Heat; Bosh and James have done nothing despite James' tremendous talent and abilities to fill the seats of arenas around the NBA. The guy is a phenomenal talent, but he hasn't exactly won anything.

New York was hoping for James to come to be their savior; same with the Nets. Can't blame them given that both franchises cleared cap space to attempt to make this happen, but their offers fell short.

The best revenge for those cities would be to win one before the Heat (and James) do. I can only hope that the Cavaliers win first - that would be the sweetest revenge for Cavs' owner Dan Gilbert, who wrote a stinging rebuke of the James departure. Moreover, he promised the Cavs would win the championship before the "...self-titled former "king" wins one."

Right now, the Heat are the biggest winners of the offseason, namely because with the James signing, they've now sold out all games as of this afternoon (except for the withheld seats for single game purchases). Sales of his jersey will start flying off shelves pretty quickly too.

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