Saturday, July 03, 2010

Landmarks Preservation Commission Sets July 13 Hearing For Cordoba House

The Landmarks Preservation Commission will be hearing comments from the community on July 13 on the proposed changes to 45 Park Place where a Muslim group proposes to build a mosque and community center called the Cordoba House. It is situated two blocks North of Ground Zero.

The hearing is being held at Hunter College because the LPC's hearing room was insufficient for the throngs of people expected to show up.

The Observer notes that there was opposition to a mosque proposed for Staten Island, but doesn't note that there were good reasons to question that project - the backers of the Staten Island mosque proposal had ties to Islamic terrorists and are considered a front group for those terror groups.

The reason that the LPC is involved in the approval process here is because the Cordoba House proponents want to alter the exterior of the building, and the LPC could demand alterations to the exterior plans or reject the exterior design altogether. This wouldn't necessarily end the Cordoba House project as opponents would like to think, but it would likely add cost and time to the project to comply.

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