Monday, July 05, 2010

Accused Russian Spy Embarrassed About Photos?

If you're an accused Russian spy living in the US, whose father was apparently a member of the Russian intel service and espionage may run in the family, the thing you worry about is all those photos of you showing up online?

Are you kidding me?

Anna Chapman's lawyer says his client is embarrassed about all those photos making the rounds. Excuse me, but Chapman posted those photos and videos online herself and she has no one else to blame for becoming infamous by being arrested as part of a Russian spy ring (and which several members have admitted to using aliases to hide their true identities.

The NY Post is revealing that Chapman took topless photos and her ex-husband has made them public. The ex-husband also told of her sexual prowess and exploits - and while Chapman may not want it known that she was skilled in all manner of sexual pursuits, none of this would have become public had she not been arrested and charged as a spy.

If anything, her sexual prowess and skills were further tools to use and exploit her contacts for information as a honey trap.

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