Sunday, June 13, 2010

What A Boob Job

The media is busy asking the real tough questions these days.

Has Sarah Palin gotten breast implants? The questions began surfacing following her appearance at the Belmont Stakes in New York and appeared to show a curvier than usual Palin.

Really? That's what people want to know or care about?

The former Alaska Governor is busy pursuing her own agenda and is seen as a major voice of the GOP, but the media focusing on whether she's had implants gives the media a booby prize for stupidity.

There are far more important and pressing questions that they should be asking of the former governor - including how Alaska dealt with the oil companies and the situation in the Gulf, her position on various science-related subjects, or the effect of her endorsements (real or imagined) on primary races around the country.

And for the record, Palin says that they're real - and they're fabulous.

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