Thursday, June 17, 2010

Staten Island Pastor Withdraws Support of Convent Sale To MAS

This may very well put an end to the possible sale of a convent on Staten Island to the Muslim American Society, which has ties to various terrorist groups, including Hamas.
The embattled pastor of the Midland Beach church considering the sale of a former convent to the Muslim American Society has withdrawn his support, and asked Archbishop Timothy Dolan to stop the sale from going forward.

In a letter to Archbishop Dolan, St. Margaret Mary R.C. Church Pastor Rev. Keith Fennessy wrote "I have concluded that the contemplated sale would not serve the needs of the parish. As a result, as Pastor of St. Margaret Mary Parish, I wish to formally withdraw my support for the sale, and request that it not take place."
If the Church isn't going to sell the property, then this sorry chapter ends for the moment. The local community has been up in arms over the potential deal ever since it came to light. In particular, it was the shady background of the Muslim American Society that caught my attention unlike the proposed mosque near Ground Zero (Cordoba House).

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