Friday, June 04, 2010

Raving Lunatics On Parade

Sadly, both quotes are in relation to Israel and showcase a blatant disregard for history, facts, or logic.

For Ron Paul, this should be expected.

Paul's choice of words is quite deliberate. It's a purposeful means to undermine Israel's right to exist - to expropriate the terms relating to the Holocaust and demeans the very history of the Holocaust and the founding of Israel. He's far from the first and wont be the last to do so. But we should rightfully slam him for every utterance.

There are no concentration camps in Gaza or Israel. Israel is not acting like the Nazis, but that's the imagery that Paul hopes to invoke when he makes these asinine statements.

In doing so, he's feeding the pro-terrorist propagandists and plays right into the hands of the Islamists around the world.

If that level of insanity is insufficient, Helen Thomas tops him - if that's even possible.

She wants Jews to go back to Germany and Poland and give Palestine back to the Palestinians.

For Helen Thomas, well, this too should be expected, even as she's the leading luminary and senior correspondent on the White House watch. She's been out of touch with reality for so long that one has to suspect that the crypt keeper unwraps her from her coffin on a daily basis and wheels her into the WH conference room to appear.

The fact is that Israel was created because those Germans sought to eliminate the very existence of Jews from the planet - via concentration and death camps. Hamas now seeks to do the same thing and wishes it had the capability to finish the job started by the Nazis. So too do the Iranians. Islamists throughout the world do so as well.

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