Wednesday, June 02, 2010

"Peace Activists" Show True Colors

You just can't make this stuff up. The folks on board the ships attempting to run the Israeli blockade were intent on creating a bloody encounter with the Israeli forces, and were quite busy in their preparations:

Just because they didn't have modern weapons to do so doesn't mean that they didn't have deadly intent or the intention to create a bloody encounter specifically for propaganda purposes. They still managed to fire stun grenades (which can kill or cause serious injury). Those who were passing out the weapons and those who were accepting those weapons knew what they were doing and why they were doing so. Some were even prepared to die in order to maximize the propaganda against Israel and undermine Israel's legitimate blockade of Hamas and Gaza.

Still, all these videos and statements of intent by those involved in the flotilla will not dissuade Hamas' supporters or the anti-Israel gang out there because they will not stop until Israel is put in its place (and for Hamas that means eliminated).

Israeli Prime Minister Netenyahu is correct in noting the ongoing international hypocrisy over the incident.

Moreover, the aid that was intercepted by Israel from the flotilla and brought to Ashdod was rejected by Hamas as so much more propaganda:
"We refuse to receive the humanitarian aid until all those who were detained aboard the ships are released," said Ahmed Kurd, Minister for Social Welfare in the Hamas government said. "We also insist that the equipment be delivered in its entirety."

Kurd said that Israel's decision to allow a number of wheelchairs to be delivered to the Gaza Strip was a "deception," claiming that the batteries that operate them had been removed, making them useless.

The Hamas minister said that Israel's decision to send some of the aid that was seized aboard the ships to the Gaza Strip was designed to divert attention from the "massacre".
Hamas has every intention in thwarting the disposition of the humanitarian aid because it wants the blockade lifted so that it can further its own agenda of conflict with Israel.

Meanwhile, Israel is busy attempting to deport hundreds of protesters captured in the blockade operation, and some of those being deported aren't going quietly. In fact, they're rioting and assaulting the Israeli security forces escorting them to the airport. At the same time, Turkish officials who came to Israel to oversee the conditions of those Turkish individuals awaiting deportation had only good things to say about Israel's treatment.

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