Friday, June 25, 2010

Palestinian Terrorists Respond To Loosening Of Israeli Blockade With Kassams and Mortars

I must have missed the ongoing peaceful situation in Gaza following Israel's loosening of its blockade against Gaza, because terrorists fired 9 mortars and rockets yesterday from Gaza at Israeli kibbutzim. No injuries and the IDF responded by going after a couple of smuggling tunnels and a warehouse in Gaza.
The attack was a response to the firing of a rocket and mortar shells at western Negev communities on Thursday. The IDF stressed that Hamas was "a terrorist organization which is fully responsible for the events in the Strip." On Thursday evening, a Qassam rocket exploded near a kibbutz north of the Gaza Strip, shortly after two mortar shells exploded south of a kibbutz in Shaar Hanegev Regional Council.
A total of nine mortar shells and one rocket were fired at Israel on Thursday, causing no injuries or damage.

Attacks from Gaza have increased in recent days, luckily, without causing any damage or injures. Nine days ago, after a week and a half of relative calm, fire on the western Negev from Gaza resumed, when a Qassam hit an open area in the Eshkol Regional Council.
All that comes as Israel has relaxed its ban on materials allowed in to Gaza. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Hamas sees the relaxation of the blockade as a sign of weakness to be exploited. It and its fellow terror organizations push for more violence against Israel expecting Israel to back down or failing that, for the international media and political establishment to slam Israel for defending itself against terror attacks using military capabilities that every other nation on the planet would do in similar circumstances.

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