Monday, June 28, 2010

Elena Kagan Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings Underway

I know that folks in the legal business try to take the confirmation process of US Supreme Court justices seriously, but this is all just so much grandstanding. Unless Kagan makes a serious gaffe and blows up under basic questioning from the Senators on the Judiciary Committee, she's going to be confirmed.

This is all about Senators getting a chance to grandstand before microphones under the illusion of asking "questions". And who exactly is going to get in the way of the stampede to the microphone?

The Senators have had time to suss through her positions and see if there were skeletons in her closet. So far, no one has found anything even remotely harmful to her confirmation.

So, after a week of hearings, expect confirmation by the full US Senate by a vote of between 68-31 and 71-28. That doesn't mean that I'm supportive of her positions or of President Obama, but it is an observation that she's qualified for the position due to her legal career and the President can choose who he wants to fill that position.

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