Monday, June 14, 2010

Another NJ Politiican Sentenced In Massive Corruption Probe

Last year's massive corruption probe sweep that netted more than 40 politicians, public officials, and community major domos has another conviction under its collective belt. Former deputy mayor of Jersey City, Leonia Beldini, was sentenced to three years after being found guilty on two of six charges relating to the extortion and bribing of Solomon Dwek, who was a government informant. She was also campaign treasurer for Mayor Jeremiah Healy, a fellow Democrat:
Beldini, a 75-year-old Democrat and one-time confidante of Healy, was found guilty in February on two of six counts in a scheme to extort bribes from Solomon Dwek, the FBI informant in the state’s largest federal corruption sting.

In a plea for mercy, Beldini told the judge that she survived abuse by an alcoholic mother and abandonment by her husband with a six-week-old baby by being strong and self-reliant. But now in failing health, she said, she is facing “one of the most terrifying moments of my entire life. I’m afraid that I will not survive.”
That plea fell on deaf ears, and she's getting the three years. Frankly, the three years was below the federal guidelines in such cases - 41 to 51 months. Beldini plans to appeal.

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