Monday, May 31, 2010

When "Peaceful" Activists Attack

Israel warned Hamas and their useful idiot supporters not to try running their blockade of Gaza, but a bunch of them did so anyways. Israel attempted boarding one of the boats, and the "peace" activists decided to not only attack the Israeli forces, but attempted to stab and club some of those Israelis to death.

With other Israeli soldiers being attacked, the Israeli commander on the scene authorized the use of force to protect their own soldiers, and several of these "peace" activists were killed.

What kind of "peace" activists carry all manner of knives, clubs, stun grenades, and fire bombs?

And Israel caught it all on tape.

Most of the world is going to focus on the deaths of these activists, but the fact is that Israel is well within its rights to sustain and thwart these activists from entering Gaza. Gaza isn't wanting for food or humanitarian aid despite Hamas propaganda to the contrary (and their demands that Israel ends the blockade). It is wanting for leadership that doesn't see the Gazans as cannon fodder and indoctrinates generations of Palestinians to hate Israel and seek its destruction.

The UN is busy demanding answers from Israel, but isn't bothered by the fact that Hamas remains fully in charge of Gaza and seeks Israel's destruction at every opportunity?

So, what does the NYT think of this? Their first inclination is to recall the Exodus incident? Are you kidding me? Israel is protecting itself from Hamas and their fellow travelers and supporters - and that's somehow akin to the British preventing Holocaust survivors from entering Mandate Palestine in 1947?

The IDF has released images showing the weapons it captured on board the ship.

These peace activists were busy recalling the Arab (and following Muslim) ethnic cleansing of the Jewish community in Khaibar.

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