Thursday, May 06, 2010

JFK Bomb Plot Leader Considered Targeting Yeshiva; Admits To Thefts

The lead plotter in a plan to blow up JFK airport by using explosives to hit gas lines that feed the tank farms at the airport, Russell Defreitas, apparently had more than just the airport in mind as possible targets.

He also considered targeting a Queens yeshiva.
The airport employee, Russell Defreitas, 66, recorded audio and video tapes of his terrorist plot to blow up the airport and considered hitting targets in the surrounding neighborhood, including a Jewish school, according to the feds. Authorities declined to name the school.

Defreitas also confessed on tape to stealing cargo, identity theft and welfare fraud –as well as building and detonating bombs in Guyana, prosecutors say.

And the accused terrorist recorded conversations about a sexual assault charge brought against one of his four co-defendants, Abdel Nur, in Guyana, and how it affected the bomb plot.
It's expected that prosecutors will try to have these tapes played at trial. A Guyanese newspaper has more details, including intimate knowledge that Defreitas had of airport operations that enabled him to steal various items.

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