Friday, May 07, 2010

A Heavy Metal Movie Review - Iron Man 2

The trailer is great, but it doesn't do justice to Iron Man 2. Movie critics have been mixed about the movie, and I'm not quite sure what they're watching.

This is a popcorn flick and a very enjoyable one at that. The story is more than sufficient to move things along and Robert Downey Jr., is just as manic as he was in the initial movie. While Don Cheadle steps into the role of Col. Rhodes for Terrence Howard, it is a pretty seamless transition. It was pretty big shoes to fill, but he manages to wear the War Hammer suit more than capably.

There's plenty of eye candy in the movie, and I'm not just talking the special effects as Scarlett Johansson doesn't disappoint. Her mysterious character has a real kick, while Samuel L. Jackson drops in for what amounts to more than a modest cameo appearance, but one that sets the stage for a whole load of sequels and spinoffs.

In fact, I'd suggest staying through to the end of the movie past the credit to ensure you catch the true ending.

Finally, Mickey Rourke does a great job as Whiplash and Tony Stark's nemesis in the movie, while Sam Rockwell plays a sleazy arms dealer who thinks that he can outwit Whiplash and Tony Stark all while getting what he wants.

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