Monday, April 05, 2010

Bruce Springsteen Born To Run With Other Women?

Over the past few years, Bruce Springsteen was linked with a New Jersey housewife although her attorney and Bruce both claimed that there was no relationship. The woman, Ann Kelly, filed for divorce from her husband, and the New York Post now reports that her husband continues to contend that Bruce was her paramour.
Springsteen personally gave Ann front-row tickets to concert rehearsals on Sept. 24 and 25, 2007, for his "Magic Tour" shows at the Convention Hall in Asbury Park. Ann was so floored by The Boss' crooning, she allegedly told Arthur's mother, "It felt like Bruce Springsteen was singing to me."

In 2008, Ann allegedly opted to be with Springsteen rather than her ailing husband. While Arthur had open-heart surgery in Cleveland, the singer joined her at a table at the Turning Point restaurant in Pier Village in Long Branch.

As part of the divorce settlement, Arthur took the adultery claim out of his petition and both parties agreed not to talk to the media. At her West Long Branch home last week, Ann declined to comment to The Post. In past divorce filings, she has denied a sexual relationship with Springsteen. However, during a deposition over the summer, she declined to answer any questions about the singer, court papers show.

The breaking point in the marriage allegedly came when Arthur told Ann a witness had spotted her kissing Springsteen in the parking lot of their gym. Arthur also claimed that the day before he filed for divorce, Ann admitted to him that her "relationship with Bruce Springsteen was inappropriate."
The gag order will make it difficult to figure out whether Ann was actually having an affair with Bruce, but Bruce isn't saying anything and Bruce's wife Patti isn't available for comment either. Go figure.

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