Monday, March 29, 2010

Mother of All Movie Bombs

Uma Thurmann's latest flick about motherhood has turned out to be a major bomb. In fact, it looks like it will go down as one of the worst movie flops of all time, given the way that all of 11 people shelled out money to see Motherhood when it opened in the UK over the weekend. The movie was released in the US last October, and it did all of $40,000 worth of business.

Uma racked up a higher body count in the one fight scene in Kill Bill Vol 1 at the House of Blue Leaves against the Crazy 88s that went to see this movie. Her box office take isn't going to sit well with executives who green light projects and sign off on salaries. It's going to drop her value to studios and reduce the chances that she can headline a major production.

Methinks that Uma is going to need her muse Quentin Tarantino to come to the rescue with another movie to help remake Uma's movie image.

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