Thursday, March 25, 2010

It May Be The Way He Likes It, But It's Illegal

Music producer and cofounder of KC and the Sunshine Band, Richard R. Finch, has apparently admitted to police that he engaged in sex acts with underage boys. He's being held in Ohio on $250,000 bond. It may be the way he likes it, but it's illegal, if the allegations are true.
Richard R. Finch, 56, was arrested Tuesday after a boy told authorities he’d had sexual contact with him at Finch’s home in Newark, the Licking County sheriff’s office said. The boy made the revelation last week.

Finch, while being interviewed at the sheriff’s office, admitted he’d had sex with that boy and others ranging in age from 13 to 17, police said.

Finch, a former bass player for the band and a seven-time Grammy Award winner, was being held at the sheriff’s office on $250,000 bond.

A message posted on the Web site of Richard Finch Productions Inc. said the allegations against the producer and song arranger were baseless.

“We will let due process happen through the legal system,” it said, “and through that, we are sure Mr. Finch will be vindicated from these unfounded allegations.”
The second paragraph states he admits to police in Licking County in Ohio to having engaged in sexual acts; his company's website says the allegations are baseless. One of them is not like the other. If the accusations are true, then Finch should go away to prison for a good long time.

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