Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How to Save Money and Improve Health Quality In NYC School Cafeterias

Why stop at grading restaurants? Patrons who go out to eat or who order takeout ought to know whether their restaurant choices are clean and meet all applicable health codes. Parents should have the same knowledge when it comes to their kids' meals in New York City schools. The City should grades school cafeterias. After all, they provide hundreds of thousands of meals every day and the quality and condition of those facilities often leaves much to be desired.

At the same time, school cafeterias ought to eliminate the disposable trays and forgo the whole notion of Trayless Tuesdays. Purchase durable trays and mandate their use to eliminate the massive amount of waste and cost. It makes no sense to purchase these disposable trays at a time when the city is looking for ways to cut costs. Durable trays fit the bill and yet they're not getting the kind of consideration that they should.

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