Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Harold Ford Jr. Opts Not To Run Against Kristen Gillibrand

Harold Ford Jr, a former Tennessee Congressman who contemplated running for the US Senate in New York has opted not to run against sitting US Senator Kristen Gillibrand because he fears that while he might win the primary race, it would cause damage for the Democratic party in the state.

Really? Primaries cause damage to the state? Gillibrand was picked by the imploding accidental governor David Paterson in a selection process that was a complete joke. Why should she run unopposed in the primary election when that's where the real action is in New York politics?

Unopposed primaries are a danger to the state and to its citizens because it means that political parties become entrenched and power accumulates in the hands of a few power brokers who get to determine who runs for office instead of letting the best candidates run for office.

I suspect that Ford got wind of the fact that the major domos in the Democratic party in the state wouldn't want to upset the apple cart and back his candidacy, particularly at a time when major Democrats are facing big problems on ethics and legal grounds (Rangel, Paterson, Meeks, and Smith).

What this does is pave the way for an easy primary season for Gillibrand who will likely triumph over any potential Republican challenger in the general election.

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