Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gov. Christie Gets It On Spending and Taxes

Governor Chris Christie gets it when it comes to New Jersey's fiscal mess. He's not shying away from the problem either. He's busy calling it like it is when he says that the problem with New Jersey's budget isn't that we don't have enough money in taxes, but that we're spending way too much. We're spending more than we have and more than taxpayers can afford. It means cutting back on spending programs - and some sacred cows like state worker benefits, but unless spending is curbed, the only solution is higher taxes.

Of course, New Jersey Democrats have a solution for that - higher taxes in the form of legislation that would enable local municipalities to impose their own higher sales taxes to bring in additional revenues. Rather than finding ways to curb spending and focus on the most important issues, higher taxes allow everyone to pass the buck on to the taxpayers.

State Democrats are also busy trying to get the Governor to reinstate a temporary surtax on high income earners as though that will solve the state's fiscal problems.

Need we remind everyone that the reason that the state has a personal income tax in the first place was to act as a property tax relief that never arrived - we ended up with higher property taxes and higher income taxes to the point where New Jersey has the highest tax burden in the nation.

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