Friday, March 05, 2010

Democrat Eric Massa Resigns

Ah, the joys of a Friday night news dump. Rep. Eric Massa, who earlier this week chose not to run for reelection and who was dogged by a harassment complaint by a male staffer and a recurrence of cancer, has announced his resignation effective Monday.
New York Democratic Rep. Eric Massa, the subject of a harassment complaint by a male staffer, is stepping down from his seat, The Associated Press has learned.

Knowledgable Democratic officials told AP that Massa, who has announced he will not seek reelection due to a recurrance of cancer, is resigning his seat, effective Monday.

Massa's resignation comes as the House ethics panel was reviewing a harassment complaint by a male staffer who reportedly felt uncomfortable in a situation with Massa that had sexual overtones.

Massa, who had initially dismissed the rumors, will resign effective Monday evening, according to three Democratic officials with knowledge of his plans. They spoke on condition of anonymity because no formal announcement had yet been made.
I hope that he regains his health, but the harassment actions are the ones that ended his political career.

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