Sunday, February 14, 2010

Where Your NYC Tax Dollars Go

More than half a million dollars a years go to just six "teachers" who will never be allowed anywhere near a classroom because they have been deemed too dangerous to do so, but can't be fired because of tenure:
All six public-school teachers have been benched for years over alleged sexual misconduct.

Overall, the city Department of Education has put some 550 fully paid teachers in limbo, crammed into "rubber rooms" as they wait for their misconduct cases to be adjudicated, costing taxpayers $30 million a year.

But these six have either completed their punishments or had their cases dismissed -- sometimes on technicalities -- and remain on the payroll. The DOE says such tenured teachers are almost impossible to fire.

The Post recently exposed the misdeeds of two teachers exiled to rubber rooms "at the chancellor's discretion."
Where are the administrative hearings to adjudicate and clear these individuals from the payroll or to send them back into the classroom if the allegations aren't meritorious? It appears that the UFT really needs to come clean over their ongoing protection of these individual teachers who are a disgrace to the profession and whose salaries could be put to better use - among those teachers who deserve higher salaries. This is an incredibly unfair situation to the students of New York City to see millions of dollars paid to teachers who are not allowed near a classroom because of various infractions or criminality but who remain on the payroll collecting checks.

If the UFT were truly serious about educating students, they'd sit down with the City and not only streamline the administrative procedures to fire teachers for misconduct, but willingly assist the Department of Education in ridding their ranks of bad apples.

It's for the children after all.

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