Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not a Good Day For Sportscasters

Former Channel 7 (ABC News in New York) sportscaster Marvell Scott,  was arrested on a statutory rape charge in Westchester County. He denies the charges and has entered a plea of not guilty. His attorney claims that this is part of a shakedown by two prostitutes and a pimp. Scott left Channel 7 in May to pursue a career in sports medicine.

For his sake, I hope he's telling the truth that he didn't engage in the alleged activities. If he did, he should go away for the fullest extent of the law.

Then, we've got Tony Kornheiser indefinitely suspended by ESPN for making inappropriate comments about another sportscaster, Hannah Storm.
ESPN sports analyst Tony Kornheiser has been suspended indefinitely for comments he made about ESPN anchor Hannah Storm.

According to a report on the web site of The Sporting News, Kornheiser said Storm was wearing a "horrifying, horrifying outfit" and a "very, very tight shirt."

He also reportedly said," she looks like she has sausage casing wrapping around her body."
Misogyny is alive and well in sports reporting, and ESPN is an epicenter of the crude and rude behavior; it wasn't long ago that Steve Phillips was canned for getting it on with an intern (and who later went to a sex rehab center claiming an addiction - the same facility where Tiger Woods now attends).

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