Friday, February 26, 2010

NJ Transit Fails On Customer Service During Nor'easter

NJ Transit loves to tout that it has a website that can keep customers up to date on current conditions. It works great when the weather's fine, but during severe weather conditions such as the current Nor'easter, the site crashes and is unavailable.

That's an epic fail by the NJ Transit IT department. The whole point of providing timely information on current bus and train conditions is that when the weather's bad, you know whether there is service or not. One had to go to other media outlets to find out, and even then not all media outlets had current information on train service.

It's completely unacceptable - NJ Transit has to improve its website so that it can handle peak loads like during storms so that its customers know whether there is service or not.

As it is, NJ Transit buses are cancelled in Northern New Jersey as is the Port Jervis line between Suffern and Port Jervis. There are other scattered delays and cancellations, but good luck finding them.

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