Monday, February 08, 2010

A Close Call and A Makeup Opportunity

That's a satellite image (HT: Gothamist) showing just how close the massive snowstorm that hit the Middle Atlantic states from Virginia to New Jersey came to whacking New York City with 2 feet of snow. Parts of Staten Island got 6 inches though, and Southern Brooklyn got a dusting to an inch, but the significant and historical snowfall totals pretty much stayed well to the South. So, New York City missed out on the storm. The midweek storm will fix that oversight.

Have no fear, since New York City is in the bullseye for a significant snowstorm starting tomorrow night through Wednesday, when perhaps a foot or more is set to come up the coast. The latest predictive tracks put the brunt of the storm directly over NYC and LI - with 9-12+ of snow. The NWS says to expect more than six inches of snow. Other media outlets are running far higher possible totals.

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