Friday, January 22, 2010

Five Years Of A Blog For All

It seems like only yesterday, but it's been five years since I started up A Blog For All. That first blog posting was more than 6,000 blog posts ago and blogger can't even keep track of that many posts (they only provide direct access to the 5,000 most recent). I'd like to thank all my readers and those who have linked here in the past and those who value what I write. I'd also like to thank those who have contributed here - whether they've gotten hat tips or in the comments and especially Mrs. lawhawk, who has repeatedly provided entertaining links and to legalbgl who has stepped in when I've gone on vacation.

Still, I write primarily for myself, and hope to eventually gather up some of these writings and put them to good use down the road. They are as much a time stamp in history as anything, and because I extensively link to other sources around the world, they provide a detailed bibliography of sources that would eventually come in handy should I decide to write a book or other publication.

My traffic has gone up and down in fits and starts, but that's okay since I write primarily on topics that I care deeply about and if others have an interest, so much the better. Whether it's writing or photographing Ground Zero, discussing politics, or the Middle East, I hope that you come away with a little more understanding about the issues involved.

I don't care even if you disagree with what I wrote. It would be boring if everyone agreed, but can only hope that the disagreements don't get personal. So, I'll continue blogging about the stuff I like to blog about, the stuff I care deeply about, and do things my way. And if you want to come along for the ride, I'm happy to have you here.


-- lawhawk

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